Why should I bet on Prophet Exchange?

On a Sportsbook, you can only bet the lines and prices being offered by that book. Those lines and accompanying prices include vig or juice, which is how a sportsbook makes money.

For example, on an even odds spread line you would typically see a price of -110. For a $100 winning wager, that means you would only win $90.91. On an exchange, we match your line and price to someone willing to take the other side, giving you flexibility to bet on what you want at better prices.

On Prophet Exchange, the same spread line would often be offered at prices much closer to +100. Meaning your $100 bet would earn much closer to $100.

We only take a small commission on winning wagers that is a fraction of sportsbook's vig or hold. This means an exchange gives you more freedom when placing your bets, and you will win more or lose less over time due to the superior pricing.

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