What is a betting exchange?

Prophet Exchange provides New Jersey players a fresh new alternative to traditional sports betting.

With Prophet Exchange, you can enjoy the flexibility of being the odds maker or taker in a winner-takes-all sports betting exchange. 

On traditional sportsbooks most odds are set at -110 which includes a standard fee or vig. With us, you will be able to set your own odds on all money line bets. +100 will be available for all players who wish to place wagers on spread or totals.

We only take a small commission off winning wagers. This means players can will save long term.

Benefits of using an exchange:

  • Exciting new way to wager 
  • Request your own odds 
  • Great place to hedge your wagers 
  • Save money by avoiding vig on standard sportsbooks

On Prophet Exchange, wins are even sweeter!

Enjoy setting your own odds or matching a better one without worrying about being limited or forced to accept odds that really aren't in your favor.

Don't like the odds? Set your own here with us!

If you have any questions, our customer experience team is available 7 days a week from 10AM - 12AM EST. Please feel free to drop us an email outside of regular business hours. 


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