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We are very excited to welcome you to Prophet Exchange!

In rare cases when we cannot verify your account automatically you will be prompted to upload documents to complete the verification process. This can happen for a number of reasons including

  • Mistakes and/typos in the personal details provided during registration 
  • Similar details to other people (for example, a common name such as "John Smith")
  • Additional information needed to confirm your identity

To ensure the safety of your identity and betting activity, we must verify your personal details before you can take part in any action. Accounts that are pending verification can log-in and navigate the site. However, the following actions will NOT be available:

  • Deposit
  • Withdrawal 
  • Place bets 
  • Cancel unmatched bets

To get your account verified quickly, we ask you to upload identity documents via our registration page. During this step, you will be prompted to upload a valid government issued ID & selfie. Upon submission your documents will be reviewed instantly. 


You can follow the steps below to complete this task!

  1. Select your document type & allow access to your device's camera 
  2. Take a clear, high resolution, full-screen picture of the front of your ID 
  3. Take a clear, high resolution, full-screen picture of the back of your ID
  4. Take a clear, high resolution selfie (feel free to keep a neutral face or smile, but please do not make any "wacky" faces as this may delay our ability to verify your account) 
  5. Enter your SSN ( this is a regulatory requirement, and unfortunately we must ask for this detail)
  6. Click or Tap "Submit" for review



Desktop users can scan the QR code with their mobile devices to complete the steps above.


In rare cases, we may reach out to you proactively, to help you verify your identity. We understand it can be a bit of a hassle and will do our best to make this as easy as possible. In order to avoid any delay please keep the following in mind:

  • Images of documents must always be valid, clear, uncropped, and must belong to the account holder
  • Any cropped, unclear, or tampered documents will NOT be accepted

If you have any trouble uploading the documents on our registration page our Support team will be very happy to help. Documents can also be shared here

Acceptable Documents

  • Current utility bill within the last 90 days 
  • Rental or Lease Agreement (no older than 1yr.)
  • Bank or Credit Card statement within the last 90 days
  • State Issued Driver's License 
  • State Issued I.D
  • U.S Permanent Residence Card
  • U.S Passport 
  • U.S Military I.D 
  • Self-Certified I.D
  • Marriage License/Divorce Decree 

NOTE: Identity Documents with a text reading “Limited-term”, “Temporary” or “Employment Only are not acceptable. In these cases please send us a valid U.S. Passport or Permanent Residence Card (Green Card).

Here are some common scenarios in which we will require documents from the account holder:

  • Name or address updates
  • Account verification  
  • General account review

Once we receive the applicable documents, we will do our best to complete our review. This process usually takes a few hours however, please allow up to 24 hours for completion. Our team will reach out via email or call with an update once your documents have been reviewed.

Note: All documents must be clear, uncropped, and valid in order to be considered for review. To avoid delays, please ensure that the submitted documents meet these requirements.

If you need any help or have any questions, support is available 7 days a week from 10AM - Midnight. Please feel free to send us an email outside of regular business hours. 





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