I'm in an eligible state, why am I still not able to place a bet?

If you are physically within an eligible state, please ensure that you close all other apps except the Prophet Exchange app. Please note certain apps/computer software are not allowed while using Prophet Exchange.

Once you have disabled/closed all other running application please try the steps below:

  1.  Turn your device off and back on
  2. Clear your cache on the device
  3. Reset the location settings on your device
  4. If you are on mobile, try switching from your network's connection to a Wi-Fi connection

If possible, try a different device. If you're stilling having trouble please reach out to our Customer Experience for further assistance and include the following:

  • Device used
  • Time of issue 
  • Screen shots or screen recording of any errors 
  • Description of issue 

Once we receive your these details our support staff will work quickly on identifying the reason(s) you are unable to place a bet and reach out with next steps.



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