Does the app support Face ID?

Unfortunately, the Prophet Exchange app does not currently support Face ID at this time.

On the bright side, depending on your device, you can enable your KeyChain on iOS or Android.

KeyChain is a feature that allows you to safely store your passwords & other log in details on your device so you don't have to remember them or enter them manually. You may already have this feature enabled and use it to log into your banking or mobile provider apps. 

If enabled, once you log into the Prophet Exchange app you'll be prompted by your device to save or store your password to your KeyChain.

If you select yes or confirm, the password & username will now be stored in your device so the next time you log in you will be prompted to log-in using the fingerprint or Face ID feature instead of entering your log-in details manually.

If you need help enabling this feature on your iOS or Android devices, please follow the steps below.

Enabling KeyChain on iOS

  1. Open your settings menu
  2. Select iCloud 
  3. Scroll down to find the KeyChain App
  4. Tap on the button to enable it


Enabling AutoFill on iOS 

  1. Open your settings menu
  2. Tap on your name at the top of the screen
  3. Select Passwords & Accounts 
  4. Tap on the button for AutoFill Passwords

Once enabled this button will turn go from gray to green. This will allow your stored passwords & usernames to auto populate once you open an app & tap on the password or username field. 


Please let us know if you find this helpful or need any additional assistance. 


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